Zeal Theatre Australia

Productions : 2017 Program


Lucky Country

"Our school has been in the news a lot lately."

When a young Syrian refugee arrives at Cook Vale High School, he is given the name 'Lucky' by the open-hearted and welcoming principal. Two jokers in Lucky's class are not so open-hearted and plot a 'special welcome' for the newcomer which triggers a chain of events that engulfs the seemingly harmonious community. This sharp and satirical tragi-comedy examines current issues of racism, multi-culturalism, the role media plays in sharping public opinion, and what it is to be a 'real Australian'.

written & performed by
Tom Lycos & Stefo Nantsou

  • LENGTH:  65 mins
  • STAGING:  Thrust or Pros Arch
  • COST:  $6 p/s or $720 +gst

Shows:  BURNT


"Dad said 'promise me you'll never sell the farm' ... I promised"

Commissioned by Sydney Theatre Company artistic directors Cate Blanchett & Andrew Upton in 2009, this full length play tells the story of a farming family struggling to keep their farm during a prolonged drought. Seen through the eyes of a pair of Year 10 twins coping with upheaval and their parents struggling with depression, this award-winning production celebrates the resilience of regional communities. The Zeal cast play an entire town of characters in a tour de force of multi-character acting.

  • LENGTH:  90 mins
  • STAGING:  Thrust or Pros Arch
  • Cost:  $8 p/s or $880 +gst



"I think you guys really hit the nail on the head about my generation because parties and fights are something we can all relate to."
-Year 9 student

It's Tula's birthday party and the theme is a Blues Brothers Pizza Night. Heaps of people arrive, the music is pumping and everyone is having a great time. When Tula's parents leave the party, two boys begin a feud and what starts as a bit of fun quickly escalates into an alcohol-fuelled war reaching a shocking climax. Written and performed by Stefo Nantsou and Tom Lycos, this play blends heightened naturalism,expressionism and verbatim theatre. KING-KIT is a powerful play about the one punch phenomena and offers an alternative to potentially fatal decisions and abusive behaviour.

  • LENGTH:  55 mins
  • STAGING:  Thrust or Pros Arch
  • COST:  $6 p/s or $720 +gst



"...go on... see if you can!"

Two boys are charged with manslaughter after killing a motorist by kicking rocks from a freeway overpass. Are they responsible for their actions? Premiering in 1996, with 1300+ performances worldwide and translated in over 30 countries, this classic play about youth crime and punishment continues to engage, enthral and excite!

  • LENGTH:  65 mins
  • STAGING:  Thrust of Pros Arch
  • COST:  $6 p/s or $720 +gst


by Kyle Shilling, Tom Lycos & Stefo Nantsou

NAISDA graduate actor/dancer Kyle Shilling joins the Zeal team in a new play about a young man in search of his father. This indigenous arts project combines a production and workshop program tailored for full day or longer term residencies. PREMIERING IN 2017!!!!


Zeal workshops are fun and 'on the floor'. Students explore acting techniques, physical theatre, group devising and play building. Workshops can be tailored for a specific area of study. Zeal has been involved in numerous residence projects leading to a public season of a play created and performed by the student workshop participants.

  • WORKSHOP COSTS:  90 mins - $400  1/2 day - $900 full day - $1300
  • WORKSHOP NUMBERS:  maximum 50 students
  • RESIDENCY COSTS:  Negotiable


Starting with a performance of a Zeal play + Q & A until recess, followed by a workshop program of a teacher's choosing; either for the same group for the rest of the day or a range of groups covering an entire year level or drama cohort. The Day can focus on Year 12 course requirements or a variety or workshops to a mix of year levels.

  • LENGTH:  Full school day
  • WORKSHOP NUMBERS:  Max 35 students
  • COST:  $1800 +gst