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"Dad said 'promise me you'll never sell the farm'...I promised."

Originally commissioned by Sydney Theatre Company in 2009, this award-winning play tells the story of a farming family struggling to keep their farm during a prolonged drought. Seen through the eyes of a pair of Year 10 twins faced with the prospect of moving to another town, this powerful production celebrates the resilience of regional communities.

BURNT was created with the assistance of many Year 9 and 10 students throughout regional NSW after a lengthy research/workshop program with Zeal collaborators Stefo Nantsou, Tom Lycos and Lindy Sardelic, who play an entire town of characters in what is truly an 'Australian Story'.

BURNT is aimed at secondary schools students and adults and was published by Currency Press in "The Zeal Theatre" in 2011 with two other Zeal plays 'The Stones' and 'Taboo'.

"...the skills of the ensemble are plentiful as they take on all the characters and play live music within a beautifully told story."
- Sun Herald

"...I'm trying to get my 9s and 10s into slow motion, soundscape, freezes, now they know what I'm talking about."
- Drama teacher

  • Recommended Audience:  14+ years
  • Running time:  90 minutes
  • Set up time:  60 minutes
  • Pack up time:  30 minutes
  • Staging:  Audience on 3 sides around the actors or proscenium arch setting.
  • Cost:  $8 per student or minimum $880 (+gst)

Curriculum links:
  • NSW - PDHPE, Creative Arts (Drama, Dance), Society and Culture
  • ACT - Interdisciplinary, HPE, The Arts
  • VIC - HPE, The Arts (Drama, Dance), Personal Learning, Communication, Interpersonal Development, ICT, plus DET Safe Schools are Effective Schools, Respect in Schools Strategy (Respect Agenda)
  • QLD - HPE, The Arts (Drama, Dance), ICTs, plus The Code of School Behaviour
  • National - English, The Arts (draft)
  • PLUS - National Safe Schools Framework, National Values Framework National strategy for young Australians, National framework for health promoting schools, MindMatters, Pastoral Care, Behaviour Management,Student Welfare, Student safety, Student wellbeing, National Education and the Arts Statement