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"...it was all my fault, I shouldn't have had the party."

It's Tula's birthday party and the theme is a Blues Brothers Pizza Night. Heaps of people arrive, the music is pumping and everyone is having a great time. When Tula's parents leave the party, things change. Two boys begin a feud and what starts as a bit of fun quickly escalates into an alcohol-fuelled war reaching a shocking climax.

KING-HIT is aimed specifically at upper secondary schools students in Yrs 9-12 and examines violence amongst young people, the perpetrators, victims, witnesses and the so-called 'innocent bystanders' and offers alternative perspectives to reckless and abusive behaviour.

KING-HIT is written and performed by Zeal veterans Stefo Nantsou and Tom Lycos who play a multitude of characters in a fast paced production blending elements of heightened naturalism, expressionism and verbatim theatre.

KING-HIT is Zeal Theatre's 46th production and continues the company's firm commitment to producing high quality, powerful and contemporary issue-based plays for secondary schools.

"I think you guys really hit the nail on the head about my generation because parties and fights are something we can all relate to."
- Year 9 Student

  • Recommended Audience: 14+ years
  • Running time: 55 minutes
  • Set up time: 45 minutes
  • Pack up time: 30 minutes
  • Staging: Audience in semi-circle around the actors or proscenium arch setting.
  • Cost: $7 per student or minimum $770 (+gst)

Curriculum links:

  • NSW - PDHPE, Creative Arts (Drama, Dance), Anti-bullying Plan for Schools, Crossroads Program
  • ACT - Interdisciplinary, HPE, The Arts, plus Countering Bullying, Harassment & Violence in Public Schools
  • VIC - HPE, The Arts (Drama, Dance), Personal Learning, Communication, Interpersonal Development, ICT, plus DET Safe Schools are Effective Schools, Respect in Schools Strategy (Respect Agenda)
  • QLD - HPE, The Arts (Drama, Dance), ICTs
  • National - English, The Arts (draft)
  • PLUS - National Safe Schools Framework, National Values Framework, National strategy for young Australians, National framework for health promoting schools, MindMatters, Pastoral Care, Behaviour Management, Student Welfare, Student safety, Student wellbeing, National Education and the Arts Statement.