Zeal Theatre Australia


Zeal Theatre

  • Play building
  • Group Devising
  • Solo Performance
  • Physical Theatre
  • Verbatim Theatre
  • Circus Skills

Zeal Theatre's workshop program is fun and 'on the floor' and aims to give students an opportunity to learn theatrical techniques, acting styles, character development, stagecraft and the nuts and bolts of how to work as a team to create original plays and perform them to the rest of the workshop group.

Zeal's workshop program can be specifically tailored for a single or double or triple period time-slot and can focus on specific areas of study for all year levels.

Zeal's workshops are a perfect way to introduce younger students to the rudiments of theatre of drama performance and is a must for all year 12 GD and Solo Performances.

  • COSTS:  1 -2 hr = $450;  3 - 4 hr = $900;  Full Day = $1400
  • WORKSHOP NUMBERS:  maximum 50 students